October 15, 2021


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The Untold Truth Of V/H/S

You might be familiar with the three main “V/H/S” movies, and perhaps even “Siren,” their spin-off. But even the more diehard horror fan might not know about “V/H/S: Viral Horror Shorts,” a miniseries that premiered on Snapchat (via SyFy Wire) as a Snap Original series.

This unique production hit the platform in October 2018. Its four short vignettes, “The Nest,” “Stray Dog,” “Rearview Window,” and “First Kiss” were helmed by Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton, Gustavo Cooper, and Emily Hagins. Snapchat is a surprisingly great venue for horror shorts, especially found footage. Interestingly, though the franchise is mainly associated with handheld filmmaking, this miniseries breaks that tradition. “First Kiss,” for example, is filmed like a traditional young adult-centric horror movie, which helps it stand out. Rest assured, however, that “V/H/S: Viral Horror Shorts” definitely adheres to the series’ tradition of self-contained scares and stylistic variety.