October 15, 2021


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Lord Of The Rings: Glorfindel’s Backstory Explained

One fascinating question with all of this is if Glorfindel will show up in Amazon’s show. The answer is “it’s definitely possible.” Amazon’s series takes place in the Second Age, which would fit nicely with Glorfindel’s return from death. But this wasn’t always the case.

See, originally, Tolkien placed Glorfindel’s return in the Third Age, not the Second Age. In “The Peoples of Middle-earth,” he initially surmises that “We could then reasonably suppose that Glorfindel…landed with Gandalf-Olorin about Third Age 1000.” However, in a later note, he changes his mind and states that “it seems far more likely that he was sent in the crisis of the Second Age, when Sauron invaded Eriador, to assist Elrond,” adding that “he played a notable and heroic part in the war.” This time he puts the most likely return at 1600 years into the Second Age, which happens to be the year that the One Ring is forged. Coincidence? We think not.

There’s also a scrap note referenced in the book that talks about a Númenórean ship, implying that the Elf may have found his way back to Middle-earth on a ship from the island kingdom of Men called Númenor. Númenor is supposed to play a big part in Amazon’s show, as are the “crisis” years of the Second Age. And hey, if the shoe fits, right? Some have even surmised that the mysterious character in Amazon’s first series image could be Glorfindel, although we have some other guesses on that front, too.

Whatever his role, if Glorfindel shows up in the series, he’s bound to come with some great storylines. And for those who are still rankled at the character’s snubbing in “The Fellowship of the Ring” film, it’ll also offer some long-overdue justice for a character that is certainly worth his weight in gold.